Youth Department

Based on Proverbs 22:6
Train up a Child in the Way He should go; And when He is Old, He shall not Depart from it.

God’s Living Word Greater Apostolic Temple Youth ministry’s desire is to draw young people to Christ.  Our focus is to teach about our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ through word and song; to share the gospel; to encourage our youth to have a relationship with Christ, be filled with the Holy Ghost,  Baptized in Jesus Name, Sanctified and set apart unto God

Armor Bearers young People Union (ABYPU):

Promote young adults spiritual growth and heighten devotion to God; by providing instruction and training (biblical, doctrinal, and secular); by enhancing fellowship among the youth of the COOLJC; and by supporting the general organization in its various goals.  Age group 3 – 35.

Mentoring Program (Girls & Boys):
(Girls) — Mentor teens, and young girls concerning Godly attributes for today’s women.  To have an open forum and dialogue to address youth questions and concerns.  Age group: 8-18

(Boys) — Teach them in the way they should go. Mentor young teens and boys concerning Godly attributes for today’s men.  Age Group: 8-18

Dance & Mime Ministry:

Kingdom Praise Dancers:  The Dance ministry is a great means by which to draw other young people into the kingdom of God.  To teach the youth how to minister and worship through Dance and Mime.  Age group 5 to 25.

Drama Ministry:

The Drama Ministry is an outlet for the youth department at GLWGAT to express themselves through oral expressions and dramatizations.  The message conveyed will always have a Christian theme.  The dramatizations will at times be entertaining, but the goal is to inform, enlighten and empower. Through this ministry, we hope to engage the youth of all ages to make the written word come “alive”.

Throughout the year the youth will perform in at least two major productions. One will be during Easter and the other at Christmas.  Other performances will be Black History and at least one play and/or skit.

The vision is that this ministry will be effective because the youth enjoy exercising their talents and skills and the leaders are committed to working with them.

Age Group:  5 and up


Youth Church

This ministry nurtures the Youth as they grow from childhood into adolescence.  Classes are grouped together according to age and developmental levels in order to meet the needs of the child both naturally and spiritually.  In teaching the Youth, we accomplish learning through a variety of media such as videos, skits, music, arts and crafts, and the study of the Word of God.  Age group 4 – 8.